Tips for Being Positive

Thanks to Ethan Moitra of RICBT for the sunflower image.

Many of us hope to be positive in our outlook on life, but sometimes we are surrounded by so much negativity and toxicity that we identify as pessimists or believe that being positive is for “other people.”  As with most things that are worthwhile, positivity takes some effort and practice, even for those of us with a more innately positive demeanor.

I met Lunden Souza, a fitness and wellness coach, at a Radiance Retreat a few years ago and within the short time we interacted was impressed with her confidence and desire to learn and make positive connections.  She recently put out the following video and tips about how to be more positive:  Lunden reminds us that positivity takes practice, reinforcement, self-kindness, and action.  None of it is difficult, but it is an intentional mindset and an approach to life that requires cultivation.

We all know how good it feels when someone speaks to us with kindness, compassion, affirmation, and encouragement.  Use these tips to help you be that person.  Be the light in the room.

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