Happy New Year, again!

It was quite a year.  I recently started entertaining the idea of becoming more active with Positively Grounded again, after a crushing year of abundant work, fruitless exam studying, and a move (and, all the normal life stuff that happens along the way).  I have let quite a few things that are important to me take a backseat for too long, so it is time to refocus.  This is not a New’s Years resolution — this readjustment has been a long time coming.

So, today I took a step and began reorganizing the site a little.  I find that I am scattered with social media, branched off in too many directions, and am looking to streamline it. Honestly, it may not even be obvious or observable to anyone except me (and maybe my husband), but I am going to follow Less is More with this and declutter (i.e. delete).  I am combining everything under Positively Grounded, so that Positively Grounded is essentially ‘Me’, with more frequent blog posts about a range of topics that I find positive and interesting, Facebook and Twitter buttons so that you can follow my relevant “shares,” and I even introduced my #buildinglove #touristcommuting photos which I share via my EarthyGardener Instagram feed.  (Check it out in the sidebar. –>)

This year is about slowing down, breathing deeper, refining what is working, and omitting things that don’t.  I wish the same for you.



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