Mike the Gardener

I have written before about one of my favorite gardening shows to listen to, always hoping to find another to add to my list.  While searching Stitcher for gardening podcasts one day a couple of months ago, I discovered a fellow NJ gardener, Mike the Gardener.  Mike Podlesny primarily focuses on vegetable gardening, complete with a book on the subject: Vegetable Gardening For The Average Person: A Guide To Vegetable Gardening For The Rest Of Us and a Seeds of the Month Club, which delivers zone-appropriate vegetable seeds to your doorstep.  His podcast, Vegetable Gardening, is a weekly (sometimes more than weekly), under-30-minute show (so it is easy to listen to the show in its entirety while commuting or work or at the gym or …).  Mike posts the videos from his show on YouTube, which makes viewing really easy and organized.  Mike is also very active on various social media platforms, so check out his website for all of the links.  



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