Easy Gardening: Crop Cage

Gardening needs to be easy for me.  I have various priorities that are equally important, so my weekends and (short) evenings cannot be dedicated solely to gardening.  As a result, I’m somewhat of a lazy gardener.  So, the easier and care-free something makes my garden, the better.

After losing some of my vegetables to various garden critters last year, I realized that I needed to find some other way of protecting my veggies this year.  As I would expect, I turned to Gardener’s Supply Company and found my solution, the Crop Cage.  I ordered the 4’x4′ size, which I knew would surround the 3’x3′ raised bed I had previously ordered from Gardener’s Supply.

When I received my Crop Cage (after only a few days), I set out into the garden to set it up.  Within 20 minutes, the Crop Cage was erected and the Earth Staples were holding it securely to the ground.  It was really as simple as following the directions.  Now, about 2 months later, I have an overflowing garden (yeah, I’m not one for thinning out the seedlings…maybe next year I will get around to that step).


When I spontaneously wound up at a local nursery yesterday, I decided I would grab some deer netting and garden stakes to add onto the protection of my Crop Cage (of course, I couldn’t stick to the 3’x3′ bed and now have various containers of vegetables growing alongside it, outside of the Crop Cage).  What a difference in time to set that up!  And, the cost savings weren’t that great, considering I had no choice but to buy a 100′ of netting.  I think the time savings in setting it up would have been worth the extra $15 for another Crop Cage.  And, better yet, buying the 4’x8′ Crop Cage in the first place would have been the best choice!

So, for Easy Gardening, I suggest the purchase of a Crop Cage.  It’s a great time- and vegetable-saver.

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