What to do today? Sit by the Fire Pit

Something we’ve hesitated doing in our house for one reason or another over many years is using our fire pit (this is not the first one we’ve owned, but the first we have actually used).  While living in Chicagoland, we were impressed by the amount of fire pits blazing in neighbors’ driveways on Sunday afternoons in the Fall (you know, football  + chilly weather = perfect fire pit opportunity).  We always said we would do the same but never slowed down enough to really take advantage of it.


So, here we are, forced to slow down and stay close to home.  We’re in early Spring in the Northeast, with some chill to the air still, so it was the perfect time to fire up the few pieces of wood we had lying around our yard and finally use our fire pit.  There’s something about relaxing by the fire that soothes the soul and this is definitely a moment in time where we can all use the salve of sitting by the fire at the end of a stressful day.

How to build a fire in your Fire Pit

Fatwood – LL Bean or Fatwood – Plow & Hearth  Fatwood makes starting a fire so much easier!


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