What to do today? Spring Gardening

We are currently experiencing a pandemic.  With that comes a lot of confusion (wear a mask or don’t wear a mask?), constant bombardment of advice (wash your hands more thoroughly, don’t touch your face, and stay at home!), and major disruption to our “normal” routines (e.g parents becoming teachers with their students home with them 24/7, while they simultaneously try to work from home).  Really, it’s just a lot of sudden change.

Rather than focus on what you are already hearing enough of, I figured I would set up a series of posts with little reminders about some of the things we can do now, just as before.  Things that social distancing doesn’t really apply to or prohibit.  Things that are maybe forgotten about with all the noise.

So, what to do Today?   It’s Spring, so in the Northeast, that means gardening can begin!  We’ve had a fairly mild winter, so some things (cabbage, collard greens) might have wintered over well and left you with some strong, full plants brightening up your garden, alongside the colorful blooms of the daffodils, crocus, and forsythias.  If you didn’t get to do a Fall cleanup, now is a great time for raking old leaves out of your beds, collecting fallen branches, and developing a plan for what you would like to grow in this year’s garden.  Now is also a great time to get outside on these milder days (especially when you are feeling stir-crazy) and divide those hostas and peonies up to fill new homes in your garden.  You can also sow your colder weather veggie seeds directly in the ground (broccoli, kale, cabbage).  You can definitely practice your social distancing while you garden, but it might be great to take advantage of the few extra little hands you have around the house to help you.  You can garden together, while you stay away from everyone else!



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