Tapestry Hedges


Thanks to Alan Titchmarsh for the image.

Have you ever heard of a Tapestry Hedge?  I hadn’t, either, until I stumbled upon it recently while researching information about landscape screening with shrubs.  Apparently, based on the various websites that popped up via a search through my second brain (Google), tapestry hedges are much more common in the UK and Canada.  Lucky for us, some kind gardeners/designers/researchers created a very informative summary of Hedges (Hedgerows) on Wikipedia, which speaks briefly of tapestry hedges in the In Gardening section.  Tapestry hedges seemed to be en vogue in the early 1900s, mixing different colored conifers or beech.  This created a colorful mix, while retaining the formality of a hedge.

For more information about hedges and tapestry hedges, click on the links below:

The Tree Center

Toronto Master Gardeners

Thuja Green Giant

Mixed Hedge for You and Wildlife


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