Where Can I Find Reclaimed Materials?

Many of us agree with the idea of reclaiming materials that have fulfilled their original purpose, yet may still have some valuable life left in them.  The benefit of reusing materials includes cost-savings, aesthetics (who doesn’t love the look of #shiplap?!), and less impact on the environment (both for keeping materials out of the landfill and for saving the energy used when converting raw materials into a finished product).

The biggest roadblock to using reclaimed materials for most homeowners is where to find them.  While it may be simple enough to find what you are looking for on Craigslist, eBay, or even a more local Habitat for Humanity ReStorefreecycle or Facebook group, often it can take what feels like countless hours and endless research to find the exact material you are trying to get a hold of.  There is one website out there that may be able to quickly guide you to the materials you actually need for the project you are working on right now.  PlanetReuse connects those who want to sell reclaimed materials with those who want to buy.

You can go into the PlanetReuse Marketplace to shop for different materials.  If you are having trouble finding what you need or are in need of a larger quantity, you can fill out a Materials Request form and PlanetReuse will do their best to connect you to the material you need within the time frame you need it by.  They will also consult with you to offer ideas with how to incorporate different materials into your design, if you love a material you have discovered but are at a loss with what to do with it.

PlanetReuse is a great resource for architects, contractors, resellers, and homeowners alike. They have created an easy way to keep unwanted materials out of the landfill, while saving time when trying to locate the desired materials, with the added benefit of reducing material costs.

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