Reuse Your Cup

By far, one of the best libraries I have been able to patronize was the Palatine Public Library, in Palatine, IL.  The extensive selection and regular display updates made it possible for me to happen upon Wanda Urbanska‘s Simple Living DVD series in 2012.  I had recently begun running again (indoors, on a treadmill, during the cold, snowy winter) and she helped me focus on something other than tedious treadmill miles and no signs of Spring.

Recently I realized that a habit of mine is something I need to attribute to Wanda – carrying a reusable mug.  A simple habit to form really.  In the Simple Living show, Wanda would often be seen with her reusable mug in hand.  Seeing her with it again and again must have sunk in so subliminally that I didn’t even think about it until needing to replace my Teavana mug years later for something that hadn’t been dropped on the concrete enough times to cause some leaning.  (Honestly, I have tried other brands for stainless steel mugs and nothing compares to the Teavana mug…the tea stays hot, not warm, for hours)!

Besides the stainless steel mug that I use every day for tea, I also reuse a ceramic travel cup for my morning cup of coffee on the way to work.  Additionally, I keep another cup in the car, for those spontaneous stops at Dunkin Donuts or other local coffee shops, because I really dislike the Styrofoam/polystyrene being handed to me with my beverage.  (Have I mentioned my hatred for styrofoam/polystyrene before?  Why yes, I have done that here).  In fact, using a reusable vessel, as Beth Terry champions in her book, Plastic Free:  How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Tooallows you to even ditch the paper cups often found in coffee shops.  This is exactly the type of application that can make a big difference in reducing the amount of waste we produce by choosing easy, reusable, and less wasteful alternatives.  If I can make reusing a cup a habit, you can, too.


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